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If you browse through it, you will discover our history, who we are, what solutions we offer, where we are heading and how we can help you reinvent the world of packaging with a sustainable character.

We have focused on user usability as a key point of this renewal, so that navigation is easier and more intuitive. In this way, we believe in development and continuous improvement, betting on two-way communication, both offline and online, in order to be closer to you.

We are a company committed both to our customers and to the environment, and therefore we direct all our energies to thinking about these aspects, to listening and knowing what our customers need, and what they will need in the future, to providing solutions tailored to their needs, to offering a range of differential products with high added value with an excellent level of service and the latest technologies, always in a way that is committed to the environment.

Currently, we offer a wide range of services and products; from general packaging and packing, where our cornerboards, films and straps stand out, to specialized machinery and tools to develop the packing process as fast, efficient and convenient as possible for our customers, both in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

TOTAL QUALITY is our reason for being, the IMPROVEMENT CONTINUES our work philosophy, as we are committed to PRODUCTS of the highest quality, with EXCELLENT and constant SERVICE as a focus to always seek the best solutions for our customers.

Thanks to the great human quality that makes up the people behind CANEMBAL, their good management, know-how, responsibility, and trust, we can say that we are a multidisciplinary team, united and with the business values well rooted in each of us, trying to transmit it in each of our actions and with which you will always have at your disposal.

These are the basic pillars that support our company, the pillars of our existence: Professionalism, Experience, Integral Service, Human Team and Sustainability.

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Después de mucho esfuerzo tras nuestra fundación, en Julio de 2018 tuvimos el honor de recibir el premio «Emprendedor del mes», otorgado por el Instituto de Fomento (INFO) y la Estrategia de Emprendimiento e Intraemprendimiento del Gobierno Regional (CiEMP); gracias a nuestra apuesta por los envases compostables para productos agroalimentarios.

Los premios de «Emprendedor del mes» que promueve el Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia tienen como objetivo promocionar el emprendimiento entre la comunidad murciana y favorecer el reconocimiento por parte de la sociedad a estos emprendedores con ideas y proyectos innovadores; fomentando a su vez la figura del empresario como un elemento importante en la sociedad, que genera riqueza y empleo a nuestra comunidad.

Se trata también de una iniciativa co-financiada con el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER).

logistica packaging

Siempre hemos creído que el futuro reside en la sostenibilidad y el medio ambiente, cuidando y respetando entre todos los beneficios que nos aporta, para de esta forma preservar todos los elementos que nos proporciona.

Es por ello que, no sólo contribuimos comercializando productos ecológicos y/o compostables, sino que también ayudamos a ahorrar en la generación de residuos plásticos, y a incrementar una mayor conciencia y compromiso social con la comunidad y con el mundo.

Nos sentimos orgullosos de poder formar parte de esto y aportar nuestro granito de arena.

Finalmente, aquí os dejamos un vídeo del evento y la entrega de premios, esperamos que lo disfrutéis tanto como lo hicimos nosotros.


The packaging is an element that is not usually taken into account, but it is essential for the manufactured or distributed products to arrive safely at their destination. The packaging process also affects the final cost of the product.

Packaging refers to the entire process of packing goods to ensure their protection during subsequent handling, transport or storage.

But why is it so important for the packaging process to be carried out correctly and with the best products?

Depending on the product you sell and its characteristics, it is most likely to be exposed to different weather conditions (such as humidity, high or low temperatures, rain…); transport conditions (vibrations, sudden movements, bumps…); and product handling conditions (falls, friction, bad grouping or positioning of the product on the pallet…) during transport.


Difference between wrapping, packaging, and packing


You may think they mean the same at first, but that is not the case.

The wrapping refers to the primary packaging into which the product to be transported is placed; whereas the packaging refers to the secondary packaging used to store the product; and finally, the packing, also known as tertiary packaging, refers to the overall set of elements used to protect and secure the goods for its subsequent transport.

Roles of the packaging


The main roles of the packaging are:


  • Reinforce, secure and protect the goods against all conditions, be it weather, handling, or transport.
  • Brand identification. It is important to be able to identify the company or brand behind the product, so as to promote visibility, reputation, and brand image.
  • Information. It is also important for the information regarding the type of product behind the packaging to be included, as well as its characteristics, form of handling, etc.
  • Encourage purchases. A good packaging and packing presentation, one that makes the customer fall in love at first sight, will make for a more attractive product, a product with character and quality, which can mean the difference between getting a sale or not. The difference is in the details.

Types of Packaging Materials [EXAMPLES]


There are many packaging materials, and you will need to use different types depending on your sector and your products. Broadly speaking, and taking into account you run a business that involves a grouped distribution of products, we can differentiate between:

Agricultural Sector

If your company belongs to the agricultural sector, you will most likely need several of the following materials for packaging and transporting your products:

  • Boxes, bags, trays or baskets → to carry the product.
  • Bubble wrap, packing paper and shavings → If you market products such as eggs or delicate fruits, and you want to offer a good presentation as well as ensure their protection during transport and handling.
  • Labels→ to identify the product and its characteristics.
  • Ribbons → to identify your brand.
  • Pads → to protect the crop.
  • Adhesive tapes, straps, joints or staples → to ensure good sealing and fixing of the load.
  • Staplers and nailers.
  • Corner boards, film, and covers → to protect the pallet.
  • Food-grade film → to cover and preserve the product under specific conditions.
  • Rubber bands → for holding certain products in bundles, such as broccoli, asparagus, parsley, etc.
  • Manual Strapping Machine → for easy manual strapping.

Industrial Sector

On the other hand, if your company belongs to the industrial sector, you will need other products to achieve the perfect packaging, such as:

  • Corner boards
  • Films
  • Straps
  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Joints, staples and nails
  • Staplers and nailers
  • Labels
  • Strapping machine and/or baler

How to choose the perfect packaging

Depending on the type of product you sell


The first thing to be considered is what kind of characteristics the product being marketed has.

In this sense, we need to evaluate product fragility, the pallet weight, its dimensions, how it will be shipped, if the product requires certain temperature conditions, or if its nature requires additional packaging.


Thus, we can also distinguish 3 different types of packaging:


Primary Packaging → It refers to the packaging that is in direct contact with the product

Secondary Packaging → It refers to a packaging containing one or more types of primary packaging.

Tertiary Packaging → Finally, tertiary packaging is the one that holds primary and secondary packaging grouped in a single final package.


All of the above helps us determine what kind of packaging we need to ensure the safety of the goods.

Depending on load handling


We have the obligation to secure and protect the goods we distribute, while guaranteeing excellent service; therefore, it is essential that the packaging is appropriate for each product.

In this respect, we can differentiate internal from external packaging:

Internal packaging is found close together with the product, such as: Rubber bands, Food-grade Film, Trays, Baskets, Molded Trays, Shavings, Bags, Boxes, Foam, etc.

On the other hand, the external packaging is the one that reinforces and groups the internal one, that is, the materials used in this packaging could be straps, corner boards, joints, staples, nails, the film for palletizing, adhesive tapes, etc.


As you can see, the world of packaging and packing is quite extensive, and it is extremely important to carry out this process correctly if you want to secure your goods.


If you have any questions, we will be happy to read your comments.