About Us

CANEMBAL SISTEMAS DE EMBALAJE, S.L. is a young family business, founded in April 2018 in Totana, with everyday traditional values, but with the vision and awareness of the constant market changes, as well as the ability to adapt to new situations. Both our factory and warehouse facilities are large and well accessed, which enables us to offer a 360º solution to our clients in an unbeatable time scale. We have a professional and multidisciplinary team capable of managing, advising and distributing packaging solutions for any sector.

The company emerged out of the need to offer comprehensive wrapping and packaging solutions, although we mainly focus on the fruit and vegetable sector, as it is predominant in the Levante region. It is dedicated to the distribution of wrapping and packaging for the agricultural, food and industrial sectors. We have the most complete packaging solutions in the whole Murcia Region, even offering a line of 100% ecological cardboard trays. Currently, we offer a wide range of services and products; from wrapping and packing, in which corner boards, films and straps especially stand out, to specialized machinery and tools to carry out the packaging process as quickly and conveniently as possible for our clients.