Crops where it can be applied


Film is a plastic material, usually on a roll, which has various applications depending on the type of use.

Among them we can find the film for palletizing, food film, agricultural film…

In addition, we must differentiate between stretch film and pre-stretched film, both manual and automatic.

Technical information

The main feature of the film is its elasticity and resistance to tension and puncture.

They tend to be a complementary element to the corner pieces and strips, as they offer greater rigidity and stability of the load.

Additional Information


  • Film for palletizing
  • Food film
  • Agricultural film


On the one hand, film for palletizing, protecting and wrapping the pallet to secure the load. Given its flexibility and firmness, it protects against possible breakage, weather conditions and dirt.

On the other hand, we have the food film, used for greater and better conservation of food. It is usually manufactured in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE).

Finally, we have the agricultural film. The main objective is to protect the crop from the proliferation of weeds to prevent their growth from reducing or deteriorating the development of the crop. In addition, the padded film defends the crops and the soil from possible weather adversities.


The main advantage of plastic packaging film is its elasticity and hardness.

The standard size is between 23 and 17 microns. Currently we have managed to increase the resistance, lowering the microns to 10 and 8, which allows you to save on costs and time.

It can be customized, and its application is valid both in manual and automatic use.


Store, whenever possible, in its original packaging, in a dry environment, protected from the sun, humidity and other external agents.
Optimum storage temperature; between +5 and +30 ºC

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