CANEMBAL social responsibility

We believe in
an ethical business
and sustainable .

Since 2018 we have been working to develop a sustainable, real and applicable social responsibility program throughout the company.


We are aware of our environmental impact, we measure it and minimize it


We use our processes and machinery to do the common good


Works in the reduction of plastics betting on biodegradable and compostable materials


We use the maximum of 100% recycled material in our products


Our place in society

One of our objectives in social responsibility is to make the best possible decisions in order to build an ethical business, and, furthermore, that allows us to grow sustainably together with our clients.

​In 2020, we create an environment of sustainability thanks to the products offered to our customers for green and sustainable growth. We know that we have a long way to go, but we want to continue fighting to achieve it.

Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we aspire to obtain positive long-term returns.

What we're doing

Our climate actions

Since 2018, our commitment within environmental and social responsibility is to reduce all greenhouse gases emitted with our operations since we created CANEMBAL.

We do it by using renewable energy, recycling raw materials, reducing waste, reducing water in the manufacture of products and replacing the plastic in our products with other biodegradable ones, etc.; all these actions are small steps to make CANEMBAL a company committed to the environment

  • Reduction and minimization of waste
  • Products developed with biodegradable and/or compostable materials
  • We use 100% green energy in our facilities
  • Substitution of plastic materials for organic
  • Packaging optimization by thickness reduction
  • Reduction of material in manufacturing without influencing quality
  • Minimization of energy consumption of the machinery
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