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We solve the frequently asked questions that our clients have and that may be useful to you.

Shipping and deliveries

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How can I make a budget?

Getting a quote on any product is very simple:
All you have to do is add all the products you want to get a quote to the cart. When you have finished, you just have to go to the cart and you will have to put your data to be able to send you the budget and in “Budget notes” you must put the specifications of the products: measurements, quantities, and/or color. In the event that it is a product that can be personalized, please specify the characteristics (color of the logo, for example).

Getting a quote on any product is very simple: How long does it take for you to respond to my budget request?

Once the budget has been received, our commercial team will respond to you in approximately 24 to 48 hours.


Brown cardboard corners – kraft or white with gloss / matt?

It depends on the type of product you sell. If you grow and/or distribute, for example, aromatic plants, or crops that require humidity or be sprayed with water every X amount of time, you probably need a white cardboard corner with a lacquered base (gloss), more resistant to this type of application.

What thickness is ideal for the corners? Does a kraft corner piece have the same resistance as a gloss white one with the same thickness?

The thickness of the corner piece depends on the weight of the pallet. The greater the weight, the greater the thickness of the butt plate should be to reinforce its safety.

Having the same thickness, it does not matter if the corner is kraft or gloss white, they have the same resistance; but it will not be like that against humidity. In this case, the white one with a lacquered base will offer better resistance.

Can the corners be customized?

Yes, our corners can be customized with a background fill color and/or your company logo.

What is the difference between solvent and acrylic adhesive tapes?

The difference lies in the type of adhesive and the microns. Solvent adhesive tape tends to have more microns than acrylic tapes, and therefore a greater amount of adhesive. This type offers greater adherence than acrylic ones.

What type of film should I use?

In this sense, it is important to analyze beforehand the weight and quantity of the product that you market, and the image of the company. For the weight, it is important to take into account the microns; the more microns, the greater resistance. For the visual theme, if you want it to be seen, you can choose a transparent film, if not, the opaque one in black, or blue, for example. Finally, the quantity and its application is important to assess whether you want to carry out the task manually, or automatically with the help of a baler.

What is the difference between a film with a cardboard core and another with a plastic film?

The difference lies in weight and sustainability. The plastic chuck is antibacterial; while the cardboard core does not. On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that, today, recycling cardboard carries a collection cost; while, with plastic, they benefit the company by collecting this material for recycling.

What is the difference between stretch film and pre-stretched film?

The advantages offered by pre-stretched film over stretch film are several: on the one hand, greater resistance, thanks to its elasticity. In addition, for this reason, more meters of film can be used; and requires less handling with coil changes by the operator on the machine. It is applied with little effort, and is recommended for any type of palletizing.

Regarding industrial plastics, what percentage of recycling can I apply so that it does not lose transparency?

We recommend using 50% recycled material and 50% virgin material. But you can also use 30% recycled and 70% virgin; or vice versa.

Regarding the padded plastics, what are the minimum distances of the perforations? Do you have biodegradable and/or compostable padded plastics?

Generally, the minimum distance between perforations is approximately 15 cm. It can also carry multiple perforations of up to 500 perforations/m2 with a perforation diameter of 10 mm. Yes, we have biodegradable and compostable padded plastics.


I need a sample, how can I request it?

To request a sample of a product, you just have to send an email with your request (name of the product, measurements and address where you want the sample to arrive) to the email comercial@canembal.com and in subject you have to put “SAMPLES + Company Name”.

I am clear about the quantity and measurements of the product I want. How can I place an order directly?

You can directly call our commercial assistance telephone numbers (+34) 968 10 94 91 or (+34) 655 83 90 57. Also by mail pedidos@canembal.com putting the name of the company and the product to request in the SUBJECT; and in the body of the message the measures and characteristics that you request.

My order has arrived incomplete. How can I claim it?

You can directly call our commercial assistance telephone numbers (+34) 968 10 94 91 or (+34) 655 83 90 57. Also by mail pedidos@canembal.com putting in the SUBJECT the company name and the missing product + order number (if any).

Shipping and deliveries

When will I recive my order?

From the shipment of the merchandise we have a period ranging between 48h and 72h at the national level.

I need part of my order urgently, what can I do?

You can directly call our commercial assistance telephone numbers (+34) 968 10 94 91 or (+34) 655 83 90 57. Also by mail pedidos@canembal.com putting in the SUBJECT the company name and the product you need urgently + order number (if you have one).

Are there shipping costs?

Shipping costs may be associated, our staff will inform you depending on the location.