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Box Covers


Box covers are sheets usually made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) and are used to protect the product from the weather. The product is normally packed free-form and the box cover is applied to prevent external agents from coming into contact with the food.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

- Material: LDPE and HDPE
- Presentation: Loose or boxed.
- Quality: Virgin or recycled.
- Standard: Yes
- Food certified: Yes


At the client's request.


At the client's request.


Yes, at the customer's request.


- Good processability.
- Excellent physical, mechanical and optical properties (depending on thickness).
- Lightweight material.
- Resistant.
- Easy to open.
- Reusable and multipurpose.
- Suitable for use in food and other sectors.
- Customisable.
- 100% recyclable.


We can find an infinite number of applications for bags, but they are mainly used for:

- Packaging directly inside boxes or inside pallets.
- Manufacture and transport of ice or products that require conservation at low temperatures.
- Storing or transporting any product.
- Direct product protection.
- For grouping in product packs.


Avoid direct sunlight.
Keep the trays and baskets in a clean, dry and pressure-free environment that may alter the product.


Store in conditions that prevent deformation of the product, away from heat sources and protected from direct sunlight.


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