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Cardboard packaging


Cardboard cartons are mainly used for automatic packaging in large factories, such as in canning, or to give more consistency to the box when stacking one on top of the other.

Within the cardboard boxes, we find the sleeves and sleeves. This type of carton is made of compact cardboard, and is used to wrap other boxes, plastic containers or directly to wrap the final product, as in the case of tin cans, for example. Subsequently, the product identification label is placed on top or incorporated into the carton itself.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

- Material: Kraft cardboard or white cardboard.
- Varnish: Satin or matt.
- Standard: Yes


Up to 4 colours. On request.



- Wide: From 115 to 315 mm
- Base Ancho: From 135 to 280 mm
- Ancho Ala: From 10 to 60 mm


Yes, at the customer's request.


- Visually attractive and eye-catching product presentation due to its capacity for personalisation.
- Possibility of offering all the information related to the product on this support.
- Highly resistant.
- 100% recyclable.
- Helps to reduce costs by simplifying primary packaging.


Cardboard packaging is a product used especially in the canning sector. It is designed for the presentation of few units of product, (from 1 to 6 cans approx.) which allows the product to be presented in different packs.


Avoid direct sunlight.
Keep the trays and baskets in a clean, dry and pressure-free environment that may alter the product.


Store in conditions that prevent deformation of the product, away from heat sources and protected from direct sunlight.


There are many types of cardboard boxes:

Depending on the type of product:

- Linear carton packs: normal and for automated systems.
- Multi-can carton packs
- Individual cartons

Depending on the closure:

- Self-assembly carton packs
- Cardboard boxes with gluing at one, two or up to 6 points.
- Cardboard boxes with manual gluing


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