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Compostable Alveolar Trays


The DELUXE compostable alveolar trays have cavities that serve to house different fruits and vegetables in an orderly, clean, safe and uncluttered manner, offering a more attractive presentation of the product.

Its cellulose composition makes it a 100% recyclable, environmentally responsible product, a quality increasingly demanded by the end customer. They offer maximum product protection thanks to their shape and material.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

- Material: KLS
- Quality: 100% recyclable and compostable material.
- Standards: Yes. Suitable for food contact.





Plum Tray
Average weight per tray: 10.5 g
Dimensions: L130mm X W130mm X H30mm

Average weight per tray: 15.5 g
Dimensions: Width 165mm X Length 143mm X Height 42mm

Peaches Tray
Average weight per tray: 17.5 g
Dimensions: W81mm X L258mm X H40mm


The advantages of using compostable honeycomb trays are numerous, for example:

- Compostable.
- Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Start by transporting your products in compostable material whose biodegradability threshold is 90% and a maximum of 6 months.
- Product safety. They are prepared to protect the goods and resist small impacts, scratches or similar accidents. It will arrive at its destination without altering its condition or suffering damage.
- Brand image. By improving the presentation of the product, the image of the associated company, that of your business, will also be more attractive.
- Food protection.


Perfect for serving all kinds of vegetables. For example:

- Peaches
- Plums
- Nectarines
- etc.


Flammable product, keep away from sources of ignition.
Avoid direct sunlight.
Store in a clean, dry environment, free from pressures that may alter the product.


Ambient dryness with cool temperature.
Shelf life: unlimited - if stored in cool and dry conditions.

Units / Pallet
Dimensions/Product Plum Tray Tray 4M Tray of Peaches
Units/Box 1.440 uds 666 uds 720 uds
Boxes/Pallet 20 20 20
Units / Pallet 28.800 13.320 14.400

Alveolar Trays Plums, Alveolar Trays Peach, Alveolar Trays 4M



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