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Retractable Plastic


Retractable plastic can come in different formats, but they are plastic sheets, whose properties and characteristics allow products to be covered and grouped thanks to their retraction capacity, i.e. they are retracted by heat, allowing the goods to be fully adapted and held in place. They are used in the process of palletising the goods, which can be in cases, bottles or in trays and baskets; to finally incorporate labels in the process of identifying the load.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

- Presentation:
In tube
In semi-tube
In foil
*Can be micro-perforated
- Qualities:
Virgin, Recycled, Recycled roasted.
- Additives:
Dyes, inhibitor, anti-fog, anti-skid, etc.
- Finishing:
Pre-cutting and welding
Cutting and welding


On customer request






Microns: From 10 my to 30 my approx.


  • In tube: from 60 mm to 2500 mm approx.
  • In semi-tube: from 250 mm to 900 mm approx.
  • In sheet: from 250 mm to 3000 mm approx.

Coil weights: From 3 kg up to 80 kg

Manual Stretch Film

- Protects the goods from UV rays.
- It is a very strong material which prevents punctures and tears. This is especially important in cases where boxes have peaks or protruding parts.
- It can be used for grouping products, for transporting or storing products.
- It is thermally stable, so it does not shrink or deform at room temperature.
- Due to its resistance, the goods inside it arrive in perfect condition and can even be used immediately.
- It offers perfect traction and coupling to any load once heat is applied.
- It is waterproof, so the goods will be protected from humidity.
- It can even protect metals such as copper, aluminium, steel, brass, silver and nickel.


Depending on the product to be shrink-wrapped, it is important to establish the right shrink film for each product. This is achieved by applying the right microns and quality in each process; whether using shrink wrap in tube, semi-tube, or sheet.
The sectors and products in which shrink plastic can be applied are:


- Furniture
- Household appliances
- Aluminium
- etc.


- Fruits and vegetables
- Eggs
- Meat products
- Beverages
- Cheese
- Fish and seafood
- Pizzas
- Bread
- Pastries
- Preserves
- etc.


Some basic considerations prior to the selection of the type of shrink wrap you should take into account:

- What type of product is being packaged.
- The weight, shape and dimensions of the product.
- The colour and labelling objectives.
- How the product will be packaged in the flexible film (manually or by machine, and what type of machine).
- The path of the product from creation to shipment.
- Whether it will be handled frequently.
- The types of climates.


Store in conditions that prevent deformation of the product, away from heat sources, protected from direct sunlight and at temperatures below 30 degrees.


- Extrusion line

- Offline: from 1 to 4 colours.
- Four-colour process (on request).


Transparent, Transparent Toasted

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