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Rubber bands


Rubber bands are bands made of natural or synthetic rubber, circular in shape, with high physical properties such as high elasticity (elongation), strength and flexibility. They are used in agriculture for holding bunches of different crops, or in industry for sorting and storage. In addition, elastic bands are a complementary product to other products such as food film or trays and baskets.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Material: Caucho natural




Natural - Red - Blue - Orange - Yellow - Green


Measures Length (mm) Thickness (mm)
100 1,3
30 – 40 – 50 – 70 1,8
120 – 270 2
100 4
70 6
Rubber bands

- Breakage resistance.
- Excellent physical, mechanical and optical properties (depending on thickness).
- Easy handling and opening.
- High transparency, ideal for product presentation.
- Customisable.
- Tailor-made.
- 100% recyclable.


They are used especially in the fruit and vegetable sector to hold vegetables such as:

- Parsley
- Celery
- Onions
- Asparagus, etc.

They can also be used in industrial sectors such as

- Textile
- Pharmaceuticals
- Automotive
- Food, Etc.


This product is recommended for use in applications where high physical properties are required.
It is not recommended for use in applications requiring high temperatures or in contact with oils, fuels and/or organic solvents.
Do not use when exposed to UV rays and ozone.


Store in a dry place away from direct natural light to avoid deterioration of the product.

Logistical data
Boxes / Pallet KG / Box KG / Pallet
42 20 840

Blue, Green, Natural, Orange, Red, Yellow

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