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Strapping Machines


Palletising machinery can be very useful in your production process depending on the space and type of product you pack. Strapping machines are machines that are used to strap and secure the load or packages to prevent them from moving during transport or shipping. There are different types of strapping machines that can help us with our objective. In addition, they offer the advantage of renting with option to buy or buying directly, both new machinery and second hand.

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Technical specifications


- Secures and stabilises the load.
- Avoids material damage during handling.
- Easy handling, storage and transport.
- Sustainable
- For all industries and material types.


Sectors in which this type of machinery can be applied:

- Agriculture
- Paper and cardboard
- Distribution and logistics
- Consumer goods
- Food and beverages
- Construction and ceramics.


Avoid direct sunlight.
Store in a clean, dry environment.
Carry out periodic inspections.
Use the appropriate strap for each type of machine.


Store in conditions that prevent deformation of the product, away from heat sources and protected from direct sunlight.


Manual Strapping Machine, Battery Strapping Machine, Automatic Strapping Machine, Semi-automatic Strapping Machine, Arc Strapping Machine, Tabletop Strapping Machine

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