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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Material: PE / PVC
Packaging: Rolls

Catering: 8 my
Manual: 8,5 my - 9 my - 9,5 my
Automatic: 12 my - 14 my

- PE
Manual and Automatic: 10-12 my


PVC: Champagne, purple, pink, green, transparent.

PE: Transparent




- Catering
Hook (mm): 300 - 450
Width (mts): 200 - 250 - 300
- Manual
Length (mm): from 300 to 900
Width (mts): from 500 to 1500
- Automatic
Reach (mm): from 300 to 500
Width (mts): 1500

Reach (mm): 350 / 400/ 450 / 500 / 900
Length (mts): from 500 - 1500

Film Alimentario

- 100% recyclable products.
- Both PVC and PE films have a great capacity to adapt to any type of food.
- Homologation. Films that comply with current legislation, with all certificates and with a perfect anti-fogging system (PE) and impermeability.
- Suitable for different uses: cooking, microwave and freezing, as well as cold use.
- Increased shelf life of the food. The properties of LLF PVC film allow the shelf life of food to be extended by 1 to 2 days.
- Preservation of the goods in perfect condition. Maintaining the quality, without rubbing, scratches or breakages that cause an increase in shipping costs.
- Its application both in manual use and in some automatic machines is very easy. In fact, PVC food film does not require heat to be fixed.
- Easy storage. If possible, the film should remain in its original packaging and protected from external agents such as rain, sun or humidity. The ideal temperature varies between 5 and 30°C.


- Packaging and preservation of food products such as freezers, cold stores, for example, for maintenance; with the product in question (for example, wrapping broccoli) or in the packaging of trays, as would be the case with mushrooms, meats, fruit, vegetables, among others.
- Protection of goods. It acts as a barrier to prevent scratches, dust and humidity, among others, caused by atmospheric conditions.

Within PVC films, we can find different types depending on their characteristics or their use.

Depending on their characteristics:
- Micro-perforated
- Long Life Film (LLF)

Depending on the use:
- Catering
- Manual
- Automatic

On the other hand, polyethylene (PE) stretch film, self-adhesive, natural/transparent colour with anti-fogging additives for fresh food packaging, especially for packaging broccoli.


- The shelf life for optimum use is a maximum of 6 months. After this time, the properties of the material may be altered.
- When packaging products with higher humidity, it is advisable to use micro-perforations.


Ideal environmental storage conditions are between 15 and 20°C, in a dry place.

Logistical data
Cling Film

PE Food Film, PVC food film



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