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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

- Material: Wood fibres, stabilising additives.
- Presentation: Some references have ventilation holes available in case the fruit needs an air flowing environment.
- Quality: 100% recyclable and compostable material
- Standards: Yes. Suitable for food contact.


Natural - Black - Green



Si, a petición del cliente.




Length: From 90 to 258 mm
Width: From 81 to 260 mm
Height: From 19 to 43 mm


Length: From 92 to 185 mm
Width: From 136 to 285 mm
Height: From 30 to 70 mm

XPS Foam Trays

The advantages of using compostable trays and baskets are numerous, for example:

1. Unique and airtight closure. Our compostable baskets are the only ones on the market that meet both requirements as they have a flat flap at the end.
2. Compostable. This characteristic is recognised by the OK COMPOST Certificate.
3. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Start by transporting your products in compostable material whose biodegradability threshold is 90% and a maximum of 6 months.
4. Product safety. The trays and baskets are prepared to protect the goods and resist small impacts, scratches or similar accidents. It will arrive at its destination without altering its condition or suffering damage.
5. Brand image. By improving the presentation of the product, the image of the associated company, that of your business, will also be more attractive.
6. Customisable. These products are available in different shapes and colours.
7. Food protection. The trays and baskets are non-contaminating and allow direct contact with food.
8. Compatible with other barrier packaging materials.


Perfect for serving hot and cold food and all kinds of vegetables. For example:

- Avocado
- Mango
- Cherry tomato
- Courgettes
- Plums
- Sultanas, etc...


Avoid direct sunlight.
Keep the trays and baskets in a clean, dry and pressure-free environment that may alter the product.


Ideal environmental storage conditions are between 15 and 20°C, in a dry place.


Rectangular trays with or without separations are designed to pack all kinds of fruit and vegetables in an elegant and visual way. They are the perfect combination for packaging with flow pack sheets or food film.
On the other hand, rectangular or square baskets with or without holes are perfect for packing a larger quantity of fruit than with trays, as they collect more and better their content, and they also need to remain in humid environments to extend their conservation.

Units / Pallet

Compostable trays, Compostable baskets


Black, Customise with logo, Green, Natural

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