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Technical specifications

Technical specifications



100% Recyclable






Thickness(my) 12
Type Preestiro 300%
Coil width(m) 0,5
Outside Diameter Coil (mm) 240 (+/- 5 mm)
Outside Diameter Mandrel (mm) 110 (+/- 1 mm)
Inside Diameter Mandrel (mm) 77 (+/-1 mm)
Weight Mandrel Carton (gr) 1.800
Coil Weight (KG) 16
Metres per reel (linear metres) 2.569
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Thanks to the materials we use for its manufacture, we can offer a film with exceptional characteristics, especially for its elasticity and strength.
Excellent uniformity of thickness and winding.
Maximum optimisation and efficiency.
Good adhesion, high holding power and load stability.
100% recyclable.
Adhesiveness on the inner side. Minimum level of gels.


Their main function is to reinforce, secure and protect the goods.
They are usually a complementary element to corner protectors and straps, as they offer greater rigidity and stability to the load.


For good load stability on pallets, it is recommended to stretch wrap the pallets with high quality stretch film.


Films should be protected from adverse conditions and stored indoors. Optimum storage temperature: between +5 and +30 ºC.

Units /Pallets
Kg / Coil Rolls / Pallet


Pallet height Total pallet weight
16 69 3 of 23 coil plants  

175 mm aprox.


1.120 kg aprox.
Why switch from a 23my film to a 12my film?

The characteristics of the OPTIMUS high performance automatic film allow us to compare it with a normal 23 my film; where we can see the following comparison:

Thickness (my) Weight per metre Coil weight Kg of plastic Linear metres
23 0,01054 16 14,2 1375
12 0,00568 16 14,2 2550

How about an example? Suppose you consume film for 35.000 pallets per year:

Micras 23 12
Wrapped pallets/year 35.000 35.000
Annual Demand (kg) 8.853,60 4.771,20
85.56% savings on plastic
Average price per kg of raw film 2,30 3,40
Total number of metres per pallet 24 24
Weight of film on pallet (gr) 252,96 136,32
Pallets filmed per reel 56 104
Total cost 20.363,28 € 16.222,08 €
25.53% more economic benefit

Without a doubt, the OPTIMUS automatic film with 300% pre-stretch of 12 my is a product worth trying.



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