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Technical specifications

Technical specifications


Green Line

Blue Line:
- PE

Quality: Virgin / Recycled in the case of R-PET.
Foodstuffs certified: Yes
Possibility of personalisation: Yes



BLUE Line: Transparent, white, blue, green, orange and black.
GREEN Line: Transparent, blue, green and black.



Blue Line

- Open rigid PET trays:
Lengths: From 145 mm to 270 mm
Widths: From 130 mm to 250 mm
High Wings: From 25 mm to 80 mm

- PET-PE heat-sealable trays:
Lengths: From 180 mm to 320 mm
Widths: From 150 mm to 260 mm
Wing heights: From 25 mm to 115 mm

- PET and OPS tubs and slices:
- Tubs:
Lengths: From 126 mm to 228 mm
Widths: From 104 mm to 186 mm
Total heights: From 24 mm to 104 mm
- Slices:
Lengths: From 188 mm to 231 mm
Widths: From 143 mm to 186 mm
Wing widths: From 28 mm to 74 mm

Green Line

Lengths: From 120 mm to 250 mm
Widths: From 95 mm to 145 mm
Wing widths: From 35 mm to 105 mm


- Easy handling. Handling is agile because they are light and glide easily. It is therefore easy to handle them one at a time without them sticking together. As a result, the company's productivity increases as there is no downtime.
- Durability. As they are made of PET plastic, they are prepared to resist corrosion and wear.
- Compatible with other barrier packaging materials such as netting, food film, flow-pack or similar. This is another point to take into account in order to achieve an effective seal and obtain a hermetic seal; which will allow us to increase the shelf life of the food and save costs.
- Heat sealable, i.e. resistant to heat treatment. This means that by means of pressure and heat on this heat-sealable film or plastic sheet we can extend food preservation.
- Food safety. As we have already mentioned, the level of airtightness that we achieve thanks to PET trays and baskets acts as a barrier. Thus, we avoid any type of cross-contamination and protect the goods from external agents such as humidity or CO2.
- Food preservation. According to data from the agricultural sector, a foodstuff in a well-packed PET tray can extend its average shelf life by approximately 5 to 10 days.
- Aesthetics. The presentation of the goods is clean, well cared for and organised. In other words, it improves the presence of your products. This will probably increase your sales to the end customer.
- Recyclable and sustainable. The manufacturing material is 100% recyclable. In fact, if you opt for R-PET trays, you will go one step further towards sustainability as we have explained.
- Suitable for cold use.
- Recycled PET. They contain between 50% and 80% from PET plastic bottle flakes.


- The shelf life for optimum use is a maximum of 6 months. After this time, the properties of the material may be altered.
- When packaging products with higher humidity, it is advisable to use micro-perforations.


Ideal environmental storage conditions are between 15 and 20°C, in a dry place.


Trays, baskets or tubs can be used for a multitude of products in different sectors.
- Agricultural sector: Packaging of fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries, grapes, cherries, peaches...
- Food Industry Sector: Packaging of meat, sausages, fish and dairy products. Packaging of cakes and pickles.


Linea Blue: Sliced with hinged lid, Linea Blue: Hinged lid jars, Linea Blue: OPS/PET lid jars, Linea Blue: PET/PE heat-sealable open tray, Green Line: PET/R-PET Trays, Green Line: PET/R-PET Baskets


Black, Blue, Orange, Transparent, White

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