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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

- Material: LDPE, LLDPE (linear) or a mixture of both.
- Packaging: Rolls
- Characteristics: Can carry multi-perforations (up to 500 perforations/m2 with a
perforation diameter of 10mm). These perforations have different perforation diameters for the marking of the planting frame.
- Quality: 100% recyclable material.
- Standards: Yes. Suitable for contact with foodstuffs.


Glass / Transparent




Thicknesses from 10 μ (40 gauges) to 100 μ (400 gauges)

acolchado plastico

- It is bioriented: more resistant. The mechanical properties are constituted in several directions.
- Depending on the colour, they help to repel certain insects and prevent the growth of weeds.
- They improve the general environmental conditions of the growing environment.
- They act as a physical barrier and windbreak effect, preventing damage due to adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or hail.
- Water saving: the increase in soil temperature and better humidity conditions favour nitrification processes. This greater availability of water and nutrients also favours rapid growth.
- Influences soil structure and soil temperature: the constant humidity leads to better root development, more lateral
better root development, more laterally and less in depth, with a positive impact on soil-water-plant relationships.


Its main objective is to save water, as well as to protect the crops and the soil from the action of atmospheric agents, which, among other effects, dry out the soil, deteriorate the quality of the fruit, cool the soil and wash away the fertilising elements necessary for the vegetative development of the plants. For example:
- Broccoli
- Lettuce
- Tomatoes
- Cucumbers
- Leeks
- Radishes
- Carrots
- Spinach
- Flowers
- Cherry
- Cauliflower
- Strawberries
- Cabbage
- Culinary herbs
and aromatic herbs.
- etc..


- The material should not be near conveyor belts where it can be charged with static energy.
- To ensure that the mandrel remains in good condition and does not become deformed, it is recommended that the product is not stacked in areas where moisture is present.
- This product is non-hazardous and non-toxic. Behaviour is stable under normal handling and storage conditions.
- This product is SUITABLE for food use.
- This product is 100% recyclable.


Ideal ambient storage conditions are between 15 and 20°C, in a dry place.


The HUMIDECK range offers a variety of plastic mulch options, with different thickness and functionalities:

• Black plastic mulch: its main feature is its ability to ensure higher temperatures.
• White plastic mulch: solar radiation has less impact on this plastic mulch, thus repelling more heat than the black film.
• Black/white plastic mulch: Recommended for crops that require higher luminosity and a decrease in temperature at root level, as the white part reflects approximately 60% of the solar radiation, more than the black/silver.
• Black/silver plastic mulch: its main characteristics are that, on the one hand, it heats the soil less and, on the other hand, it also helps to repel insects.
• Clear or transparent plastic mulch: it provides heat to the crop, achieving significant water savings

• Grey plastic mulch: it provides optimum weed control, enabling soil to be heated (less than the smoked or fly wing), as it transmits part of the radiation that falls on it. It also reduces heat loss during the night.
• Smoked or “fly wing” plastic mulch: it provides good weed control, allowing the soil to heat up, transmitting part of the radiation that falls on it. In addition, it also reduces heat loss during the night.
• Oxo-degradable plastic mulch: it is composed of a plastic material that visibly degrades, but in which small particles remain in suspension. Not visible to the naked eye, these microplastics are usually polyethylene, polystyrene or polypropylene; materials that do not decompose and are therefore semidegradable.
• Compostable plastic mulch: its main feature is that it is 100% compostable.


Black Plastic Mulch, White Plastic Mulch, Black White Plastic Mulch, Glass Transparent Plastic Mulch, Black Silver Plastic Mulch, Grey Plastic Mulch, Smoked Plastic Mulch, Oxodegradable Plastic Mulch, Biodegradable Plastic Mulch, Compostable Plastic Mulch


Black, Black / Silver, Black / White, Grey, White

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