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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

- Material: Foamed polystyrene.
- Presentation:

- Round
- Square
- Rectangles
- Hexagonal
- Heart, Etc.

- Quality: 100% recyclable and biodegradable material (Biodegradable line).
- Standards: Yes. Suitable for food contact.


White - Black - Yellow - Blue - Green



Yes, at the customer's request.




- Wide: From 115 to 315 mm
- Width: From 135 to 280 mm
- Wing width: From 10 to 60 mm

XPS Foam Trays

- They help to increase product visibility on the shelf thanks to an attractive presentation.
- Environmentally friendly product: 100% recyclable.
- Suitable for food use.
- Suitable for cold use.
- Ideal for food grade film packaging.


Perfect for packaging all types of fruit and vegetables; meat or fish, bakery products, dairy products close to consumption, etc. For example:

- Tomatoes
- Courgettes
- Lettuce
- Plums
- Sultanas
- Mushrooms and mushrooms
- Peaches
- Fish and seafood
- Meat, Etc.


Avoid direct sunlight.
Keep the trays and baskets in a clean, dry and pressure-free environment that may alter the product.


Store in conditions that prevent deformation of the product, away from heat sources and protected from direct sunlight.


We have 3 lines of foamed trays:

- Conventional line: This foamed tray is adapted for light products, sustainable, optimised to the weight of the product to avoid overpacking and suitable for packaging with manual food film.
- Antibacterial line: Manufactured with an additive with which Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli (E.Coli) and Staphylococcus (MRSA) bacteria do not reproduce, preventing them from growing in the food or in contact with the surface of the tray, thus improving the quality of the packaged product and the health of the end consumer. (ISO 22196:2011).
- Biodegradable line: These trays, made from biodegradable polystyrene, are converted into carbon dioxide (CO2), biomass and water (H2O) or methane (CH4) when they are in contact with microorganisms, i.e. organic matter (compost), and there is a favourable environment for biodegradation to occur, either in an anaerobic environment (without the presence of oxygen), or aerobic (with the presence of oxygen). During this process, the polystyrene is rapidly and completely oxidised, resulting in these environmentally compatible and non-polluting products. With biodegradation, the plastic does not fragment, as it is not oxo-degradable. It is also interesting to add that the degradation time is reduced by 100 times compared to the conventional line.

Units / Pallet
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Conventional Line, Antibacterial line, Biodegradable Line


Black, Natural, White

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